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Storage sheds- four different sidings and lots of styles

SmartSide® sided storage buildings are the most economical storage shed that we offer. They can be built in sizes ranging from 8'x8' all the way up to 14'x44'!

Call one of our experienced sales staff at 207-269-2800 to get more information and a free estimate or use one of our SmartSide® cost calculators in the links above.

Click here to see what's in our inventory or have on built.

Low Side storage barn

The Low Side building is a low cost storage solution designed to fit nicely on a small space or lot. If you need to keep your basic lawn and garden equipment dry, or if you need some additional storage for your household items this is the barn for you.

  • 45” side walls
  • Sizes available - 8'x8' to 12'x36'
  • Windows available for back wall
  • General storage of lawn and garden equipment
  • Overflow storage for household items
economical low side storage building
Low side barn
A-frame storage building
A-frame storage building
A-frame style

The A-frame building gives you higher side walls than the other storage buildings. It gives you room for shelving along the wall while still getting neccessary floor space. If you'd like an additional or windows on any of the walls, that's not a problem.

  • 78” wall up to 10'x14', 87” wall 10'x16' to 14'x44'
  • Sizes available - 8'x8' to 14'x44'
  • Room for loft or shelving
  • ATV or lawn and garden storage
  • Wall space for additional door and windows
  • Roomy enough for small shop
  • Additional storage at your camp
High Side storage barn

The High Side is a spacious storage barn with a traditional barn look. This is a favorite with many people. It neatly fits ATV, snowblower, large mower, etc.

  • 69” wall - 8 & 10 wide, 75” wall - 12 & 14 wide
  • Sizes available - 8'x8' to 14'x44'
  • Best sidewall window option - 40"x27"
  • General storage of lawn and garden equipment
  • Get loft option for overhead storage
Economical storage buildings
High Side storage
Cottage storage building
Cottage style garden shed
Cottage style storage

The Cottage can enhance any back yard while giving you the storage space you need. It's roomy and stylish. Prices include windows with shutters (on 10'x12' and larger sizes).

  • 96” front wall, 80” back wall
  • Sizes available - 8'x8' to 12'x40'
  • Includes 2 windows (on 10'x12' and larger)
  • Great for poolside storage or changing room
  • Keep tools handy near the garden
  • General storage of lawn and garden equipment
  • Get loft option for overhead storage
A-frame Classic

This is one of our newest styles with additional design features added to our standard A-frame storage building. Get beuty and function with the included transom doors. These doors look elegant and let more light into the building. The included windows also improve the look and provide additional ventilation.

  • 87” wall on 10’ & 14’ wide, 82” wall on 12’ wide
  • Sizes available - 10'x10' to 14'x44'
  • Includes windows and additional trim package
  • Wider overhangs are included on the sides and ends of building.
  • Includes transom door package
  • Get loft option for overhead storage
A-frame classic storage building
A-frame classic storage

Other siding styles for storage buildings

Many of our customers want to match their existing vinyl sided home and want the look of a horizontal siding. A few years ago we started to offer a solution to these customers. Many colors are available to choose from. The vinyl storage buildings range from 8'x8' up to 14'x40'. Because of the additional materials and labor, they are priced higher than our SmartSide® buildings.

See all of our vinyl sided buildings in stock or order one that's specific to your needs.

Our pine board and batten storage buildings are a popular choice for those wanting a more rustic look. They can be stained with various colors or left to gray naturally. They're sided with solid pine and the interior framing is as beautiful as the exterior to look at. These make wonderful garden sheds especially with added plant boxes for the windows. They come with heavy door hardware and two windows are included. There is a generous overhang on the door/window side.

Sizes available: 8'x10' to 12'x30'

Log Sided Storage

For that cabin look, these log sided storage sheds are the way to go. Like our other buildings, they are solidly built and look beautiful on your property. They come with two aluminum windows, a set of double doors for easy access, and long lasting 30 year architectural shingles. They're available in three different styles and prices range from $2,795 to $11,400 for the 14'x40' Outfitter. Get a log look without the high cost of a solid log building. Call 207-269-2800 for more information!

Sizes available: 8'x8' to 14'x40'

Hill View Mini Barns- Call 207-269-2800 for information
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