Garages- painted, vinyl sided, or log sided

Hill View Mini Barns offers single wide garages from 12'x12' to large double wide garages with different siding choices. Choose from painted, log sided, or vinyl.

Garage door option They are built to give you lots of space for a car, mowers, bicycles, etc. There are plenty of options, too. Double layer floor, extra windows and doors, and ventilation. Come and see what's in stock, or order one to your own specs.

See the SmartSide® garages that are in stock here!

** Looking for a larger garage? Ask about our stick built double wide option! This garage was paratially built and then assembled on site. Since much of the garage is constructed inside a climate controlled shop, the costs can be kept down.

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SmartSide® Garages:

Instant Garages!
A-Frame Garage
  • Your choice of 13 colors for exterior walls and trim.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Keep vehicles and equipment dry with wood floor.
  • Treated frame and skids.
  • Available options: loft, extra windows and doors, workbench.
  • Order up to 14'x44'.
  • 3/4" Advantech® flooring.
  • Two primary garage styles available.
  • Delivery to your location in Maine, New Hampshire, and other New England states.
  • No on-site construction for a garage that will last.
  • No condensation problems like portable canvas shelters.
  • Stop paying high monthly storage unit prices to store your car and boat.
  • We've built and delivered hundreds of these garages in the past 12 years.

Some garage options:

Highside Garage
Highside Garage
  • Sizes 12'x12' to 14'x44'
  • 4' full width storage loft
  • Overhead door with or without glass
  • Extra fiberglass entry doors
  • Extra windows
  • Workbench
  • Double floor
Loft inside garage
Single garage interior
Interior of garage
Garage interior

SmartSide® Garage Prices

- These prices include 1- 9'x7' overhead door with interior lock, Advantech® flooring

2- decorative gable vents, 1- single door(Fiberglass door- standard on A-Frame), 1- 24"x36" window, 8' ramp, and pressure treated floor joists 12" o.c.

Size A-Frame(88.5" wall) High Side+ (72" wall)
12x12 $3,465.00 $3,420.00
12x16 4,007.00 3,992.00
12x20 4,644.00 4,654.00
12x24 5,225.00 5,205.00
12x28 5,762.00 5,762.00
12x32 6,384.00 6,354.00
12x36 6,955.00 6,965.00
14x20 5,086.00 5,041.00
14x24 5,697.00 5,757.00
14x28 6,323.00 6,388.00
14x32 6,964.00 7,009.00
14x36 7,560.00 7,525.00
14x40 8,296.00 8,336.00
14x44 8,777.00 8,747.00
Option Price
Options for SmartSide® Garages
Extra Windows
18"x23" Single Pane$55.00
24"x36" Single Pane$65.00
30"x36" Single Pane$80.00
36"x40" Single Pane$110.00
40"x27" Single Pane$110.00
Flower Box $35.00
Insulated Entrance Door no Glass $250.00
Insulated Entrance Door with Glass $295.00
Single Wooden Door- 32" $110.00
Double Wooden Door- 60" $195.00
Overhead door with glass upgrade $125.00
4' Pressure Treated$60.00
5' Pressure Treated $80.00
6' Pressure Treated $90.00
8' Pressure Treated$95.00
Metal Roofing with roofing paper$2.00/sq. ft. of floor
10' Ridge Vent$5.00 per ft.
Double Layer AdvanTech® $.70/sq.ft. of floor
Pressure Treated Frame$.50 sq.ft. of floor
Advantech Floorstandard
Storage loft for 12' and 14' buildings $95.00
2' deep work bench $6.00 per ft.

Log sided garages

Log sided garages give that rustic- but high quality look that goes well with any property. The construction is similar to the painted garages. They are offered in single or double wide. While single wide garages can be delivered and installed in one section, the double wide models will need minimal on-site construction. Our aim is to have you using your building quickly without a lot of interruptions at your house. These are built as much as possible in an indoor shop environment which keeps the cost down, and keeps the building materials in top condition- staying dry.

Log sided garages
  • PT floor framing 12" on center
  • PT Plywood floor
  • 36" wooden entrance door
  • 9'x7' Overhead door(2 doors on 24' wide
  • 3- 24"x36" aluminum single hung windows with vinyl shutters
  • Gable vents
  • 30 Year architectural shingles
  • Single wide sizes 12'x20' to 14'x 48'
  • PT floor framing 12" on center
  • PT Plywood floor
  • 36" wooden entrance door
  • 9'x7' Overhead door(2 doors on 24' wide
  • 3- 24"x36" aluminum single hung windows with vinyl shutters
  • Gable vents
  • 30 Year architectural shingles
  • Single wide sizes 12'x20' to 14'x 48'

Vinyl sided garages

If you're looking to match your existing siding, or you want the exterior to be truely low maintenance the vinyl sided garage may be for you. They're available in sizes from 10'x12' to 14'x40'.

  • PT skids
  • PT Plywood floor
  • 3' Entrance door
  • 2 windows with shutters
  • Gable vents
  • 30 Year architectural shingles
  • Floor joists 12" on center
  • Garage door

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Vinyl garage - Highside
Vinyl High Side Gambrel Garage
Vinyl sided garage
A-frame Classic Cottage Vinyl Sided Garage with optional 9-lite entrance door

Pine Garages

Pine sided garage
Monitor garage (#6909)

This is a pine sided garage with 3 bays. We took the monitor horse barn and removed walls to get this spacious and great looking garage. One of the key features is the stairway going up to the loft on the second floor. This is just one example of how a building can be modified when you use your imagination!