Board & Batten and Painted Chicken Coop

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Need a dry place to put your chickens? This chicken coop has everything you need to start raising your own chickens, ducks, or other birds!

Built to last, this coop includes board & batton siding, solid pine construction, and quality hardware. Check out some of the pictures below and give us a call with any questions you have!

4'x6' Home Chicken Coop (pictured on right)- only $1295.00

  • Pine board and batten
  • Chick door/ramp for outdoor run
  • White, painted, pressure treated floor makes for easy clean out
  • Long lasting architectural shingle roof
  • 5 easy-clean, plastic, nesting boxes feature slanted bottom so eggs roll to collection area. Makes egg collection convenient so chickens won't peck your hand or fly out of coop.
  • 2- 18"x27" vertical sliding windows with screens. There's also a screened ventilation board for great cross ventilation.
  • Built in chicken roost in corner.
  • Overall height- 6'10"

Also available in 3'x4' size(houses up to 3 chickens)- $625

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Some of our chicken coop features:

  • 6'x8' Chicken Coop
  • 2 Vertical Sliding Windows
  • Board & Batton Siding
  • 8 Hole Nesting Box with Egg Trays
  • Entry Door & Side Chicken Door
  • Roosting Bars
Light Gray
Side Chicken Door
Martin Cream
Interior Of Chicken Coop

We also have chicken coops that can be painted in a variety of colors and sizes. They have the same type of nesting boxes as the pine board and batton chicken coops.

These are easily customized to the size that you'd like, number of windows, vents, etc. The siding on these painted coops is SmartSide® whick holds paint well and gives years of service.

Light Gray
Chicken coop on wheels- $1,295 complete,
5'x7' overall for 7-9 special chickens
Martin Cream
6'x8' Painted SmartSide® chicken coop- $1,730.00
Also available in 4'x8' model - $1,295.00
Light Gray
Nesting Boxes
Martin Cream
Roosting Bars