Adirondack Log Sided Home

** Please note - we only have one spot left for a home this year. A brand new Pioneer home with two bedrooms, 1-1/2 baths, a great room, and extended dining room is available. If you'd like a home this year, please call or stop in to discuss and get on our schedule. It's not too early to plan for 2019 as we're already scheduling jobs for next year.
Modular log sided home
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It's not too early to plan a home for 2019. Time slots fill up fast for log sided homes and proper planning takes time. Please give us a call to discuss your future home plans at 269-2800.

Adirondack  Log Sided HomeThe Adirondack home is one out of two 1 1/2 story home styles that we sell. Available in 13' wide building and 36', 40', and 48' long. Our largest building in this size (13'x48') has 546 sq ft of floor space on the first level alone! Add in a couple of lofts to get even more space for storage and sleeping!

Here is a list of the features on our Adirondack log sided homes:

  • Log Siding - Stained - All sizes include a 6' Porch with round log railing
  • One insulated entrance door - painted your color choice with standard lock-set
  • All sizes include a 6' deep loft over porch
  • 30"x48" insulated single hung vertical sliding windows w/poly baton shutters
  • One 24"x36" insulated single hung vertical sliding window w/poly baton shutters in loft area
  • Roof comes as a kit (needs on-site assembly) ~ 12" pitch engineered scissor truss 2' o.c.
  • 30 year, architectural shingles- selection of different colors

Modular Home Pricing


Log sided camp specs Log sided cabin specs

Log siding specs

The staff at Hill View Mini Barns will take the time to make sure that your new home is one that you'll be pleased with for years to come. Each certified home goes through an inspection process as it's being built.

Ask for a quote on the foundation work as well as the home.

Call 207-269-2800 or email to find out more about these homes